Artist Statement

Born and raised in rural North Carolina, I pull from the experiences of growing up in the south as its relates to my wayward relationship to my own body and how it relates to the surrounding world today. Cultural markings, scale and stature, read as abrupt, compete with dark features and even darker resent, as my body betrays me as systematic ambivalence cast hostile feelings against me. In my youth, I would hide this sanctimonious queerness, attempting to blend and appropriate closeted engagements with childhood friends colonizing my experience as a black boy growing up in the south surrounded by white bodies. In my work these experiences are commonly flushed out through writings and visual propaganda from my past, colliding head on with the awareness of my body built to perform and co-opted through college athletics as tool for labor, which exists in material form as sculpture elements, performative gestures and photographs that intend to reconcile the discrepancies with objectification that have plagued my adulthood.